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An amazing recreation of the legendary Stax sound mixed with rock and roll.
MP3s Friends Say Goodbye

With a Band of Gypsy's sound and a taste of Al Green, Peter Prince and Johnny Trama meet up again - this time Johnny plays bass in this power trio.

Extra Dirty Dub. Johnny joins the core of John Brown's Body rhythm section: Tommy Benedetti on drums and Scott Palmer on bass.
MP3s Army of the Guvna Me No Bow Here We Go

Toussaint & The China Band serves up a platter of roots, soul and reggae grooves.
MP3s Stormy Monday Lively Up Yourself Grapevine Why Why Why Love Take Over the World

Considered the top reggae roots band in America. JBB hales from Ithaca NY.

In the vein of Jackie Matoo, killin' instrumental reggae.
MP3s Are You Just Using Me Billie

Vintage 70's Jamaican Dub featuring members of JBB.

Eclectic Rock featuring Dan Rockett, Johnny Trama, Gary Wicks, Randy Wooten, Dan Berkson & Brendan Tommaney.
MP3s Ecstacy Interstellar Alien Love Triangle A Dog's Life

A true tribute to Africa's superstar, Fela Kuti.
MP3s Jam#1 Jam#2

Johnny Trama plays guitar with Ron Levy, famed organist for BB King.
MP3s Blues for BB

One of Boston's quintessential Jam Bands for over a decade.